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Iron Gym Speed Abs

Fast training for your abdominal muscles

The only thing you need to do to get amazing stomach muscles is to push the wheel forwards and come back up again. The device is easy to hold onto, thanks to its pro-grip handles. The Speed Abs not only trains your stomach muscles but also your back, shoulders, biceps and triceps.


Iron Gym deurtrainer

Transform your door frame into a personal gym in an instant

The multifunctional training system with which you can do pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups and arm and shoulder exercises. It strengthens and shapes your biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, chest and stomach muscles. The sturdy steel construction supports up to 100 kg in weight.



The authority for men when it comes to a sporty lifestyle

The Men’s Health collection of fitness tools consists of small fitness equipment such as kettlebells, weight vests and dumbbells, as well as large fitness products such as barbells and fitness racks. With Men’s Health’s high-quality fitness tools, every muscle group can be effectively trained from home.



Women’s Health is the brand for a healthier lifestyle

Women’s Health aims to support, inspire, motivate and guide the post-modern woman to a powerful life of self-love.

The collection of fitness equipment includes soft kettlebells, resistance bands and dumbbells. With the attractive, high-quality fitness tools, all muscle groups can be trained effectively from home.



Vertical climbing, the step device for a full-body workout.

The Maxi Climber combines strength training with cardio. The device simulates that you are climbing a mountain. For example, the fitness equipment offers an intensive workout for the whole body, using your body weight as resistance. In addition, the device only takes up one square meter of space. Ideal for sports at home.



One complete workout for every fitness level

Wonder Core is a fitness brand with high-quality sports products, designed for use at home. With the products, everyone can train their entire body easily and comfortably. Wonder Core has an extensive range of products suitable for every fitness level.


5 Minute Shaper

The all-in-one complete body shaping apparatus

Sit-ups place a lot of strain on your neck and back and a home trainer only trains the legs. The 5 Minute Shaper transforms your body from being flabby to strong and tight. It combines cardio with body strengthening to burn off fat quickly. The 5 Minute Shaper exercises all of your muscle groups at the same time. With a simple movement, you can exercise your entire body; back and stomach muscles, buttocks, legs and arms. The 5 Minute Shaper is suitable for people of all fitness levels.


Rock Gym

Rock Gym makes training simple, quick and effective!

The Rock Gym is a 6-in-1 total body shaping apparatus. Supported sit-ups, leg-lifting exercises, push-ups, body stretching, strength training, a good core workout and various resistance exercises; the Rock Gym does it all! It’s the perfect all-in-one training apparatus! The Rock Gym is also easy to convert into a bench at various angles, enabling you to carry out weight exercises! The Rock Gym is the most versatile training station for use in the comfort of your own home.



Keep your joints active without the effort of physical exercise!

LegEX is an automatic cardio device that’s designed to keep your legs active without you having to move. This exercise system has two motorized footplates that continuously move back and forth. This way your legs make the same movement as when you are walking. Use LegEX at work, or simply at home on the couch!



The vibrating plate that trains your muscles in no time!

The Vibroshaper’s muscle stimulation ensures that almost every muscle in your body is exercised for a total body workout. The Vibroshaper Fitness plate vibrates in a random way. This makes each movement a surprise for your body, which has to adjust to each new vibration, resulting in an effective workout!



Quick Recovery and Enhanced Sports Performance

With Orange Gym’s muscle stimulator, you can achieve faster recovery and improve your sports performance. This device utilizes an EMS-system, which stimulates movement through electrical impulses, thereby enhancing blood circulation. Proper blood circulation aids in faster recovery, improved mobility, reduced swelling, and prevention of muscle soreness.



Innovative Vibration Plate for Full Body Workouts

The Wonder Core Rock N Fit is designed to engage virtually all your muscles in motion, causing them to contract up to 500 times per minute! Thanks to the vibrations, your body’s muscles automatically tense up, resulting in achieving the best possible workout outcomes while simultaneously improving your fat burning and blood circulation.



Twist yourself in shape!

With this full-body fitness device, you get yourself in shape by repeatedly making a twisting motion. This is especially beneficial for your abdomen and waist, but it also simultaneously trains other muscle groups. Twist & Shape is easy to store, making it ideal for home workouts.



Combine cardio with strength training

The uniqueness of the Total Crunch lies in its ability to combine a cardio movement system with strength training. By changing your foot and hand positions, you can also adjust the resistance. As a result, you don’t need to deal with heavy weights, making the device extremely user-friendly.



Get fit while you sit!

The Cubii JR1 is a leg trainer specially designed for use while sitting. Thanks to its compact design, it is highly suitable for use under almost any table or desk. Moreover, the device is whisper-quiet, making it easy to use during daily routines. So, you can pedal away while sitting at your desk!



The multifunctional training accessory

With the Orange Gym Balance pad you can train your core stability and balance. The use of a balance pad is widely used for fitness, therapy, Yoga and Pilates exercises, balance exercises or meditation. Because a balance cushion is easy to use, you can also use it very well at home for a home workout.

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