“We’re proud of everything we do and we’re dedicated
to doing more”


We believe in unique, qualitative and honest products for everyone. In a world that is constantly changing, we will have to keep innovating to be able to continue to advise our customers. We always put the customer first. Trust, respect, cooperation and sharing our knowledge are therefore important to us. As a company, we pay attention to social responsibilities that make a positive contribution to the world around us. In this way we continue to work on improvements, in and around our company.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Orange Planet considers Corporate Social Responsibility very important. We have achieved our CSR statement, which shows that we take responsibility for social problems such as air pollution and climate change. We also offer employment through internships and we make jobs available for people with a distance to the labor market.


Stichting OPEN

Did you know that recycling within Orange Planet is an important topic in our CSR policy? We are affiliated with Wecycle, and we collect electrical products for the purpose of recycling. Wecycle ensures that these products are recycled optimally after return, so that raw materials are preserved.

In addition, we reuse pallets from suppliers and we shred used boxes as “in box” filling material. We also separate plastic, paper, tempex, batteries, wood, iron and residual waste in special recycling bins that are now also included in our own range.


Sharing is caring

Are you a web store, retailer or mail order company looking for a reliable supplier of unique products? You simply can’t afford to miss out on the YelloWWeb B2B portal offered by Orange Planet.

Our clients can place orders via YelloWWeb.nl and retrieve all product information from the system.



  • Collegiality
    People are the foundation of our organization. We believe in the power of stronger together. We work with respect for each other and we trust in each other. In an open culture everyone feels free and safe to express his or her ideas and opinions.
  • Customer oriented
    With our many years of experience we can serve you well. We are proactive, think about the right price and quality ratio and are happy to advise you so you will receive the best and most suitable product.
  • Innovative
    In order to keep growing, we must keep developing and innovating. Therefore we think ahead and not just about today’s products and results. We are ambitious and knowledgeable and believe it is important to be innovative.
  • Reliable supplier
    We are flexible, easily accessible, we act quickly and ensure that all items have the correct certificates. In addition, we follow trends closely so that we always have the best, newest and most unique offer.
  • Involvement
    Attention and care for our customers and employees is central to everything we do. We value long-term and valuable partnerships and are happy to share our knowledge and experiences with others.


The webshop for consumers

Consumers can also shop with us for fun and unique products. Are you curious about our wide range? Then view all products in our webshop.



Warehouse & Fulfilment

Having our own warehouse enables us to meet our clients’ wishes in terms of fast delivery and sufficient stock.

Packaging, repackaging and order fulfilment are familiar everyday terms to us. By working together with logistics service providers, we are able to fulfill our promises on a daily basis. As a retailer or e-tailer you need well co-ordinated logistics services for your webshop and your physical shops. Orange Planet is ready to offer you a helping hand in the increasingly complex world of logistics backing up webshops. We offer you experience, quality, speed, flexibility and reliability. We offer various solutions through which you can distinguish yourself based on your logistical performance.

For many (start-up) businesses that would like to set up a webshop, the drop-shipping principle is ideal. You place Orange Planet products on your website and decide the selling price yourself. We then deliver the products direct to your customers!

Storage, international distribution, stockholding, order picking, packaging, personalisation, transport and tracing are all part of our fulfilment services. Ordered by 15.00 on workdays, delivered the following day!