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From now on you sleep on a therapeutic pillow!

The Konbanwa Pillow is filled with plastic, hollow tubes that move with you so that you have ideal support for your head and neck in every position. The plastic tubes help to dissipate heat and moisture in a fast and effective way and the Konbanwa Pillow therefore remains cool and fresh during your sleep. You can determine the hard or softness of your pillow yourself by means of the zipper on the side.



The most convenient multi-cutter!

With the 3-in-1 Magic Super Slicer from Orange Donkey you have the perfect tool to easily cut, grate and shred fruit and vegetables. Thanks to the special attachments, you can even easily grate and shred nuts and cheese.



A protective cover for your couch!

Are you tired of your couch being covered in pet fur, lint and stains? There’s an easy, quick solution now: Couch Cover! This big blanket protects your couch, like a coat, from dirt and fur. One side of the Couch Cover is beige and the other side is chocolate brown. This way you can easily switch colors!



Turn fruits and vegetables into low-carb pasta!

The Super Julietti uses the ingredients to make spaghetti strings and finely chopped julienne, for a fresh salad, cooked dishes or raw vegetables! Thanks to the extra sharp blades, you can easily cut fruit and vegetables into the desired shape. Whether it is red beets, potatoes or zucchini. Even the smallest ingredients, such as radishes, are cut perfectly by the Super Julietti.


Side Sleeper Pro Air

Gives you so much more than just a good night’s sleep

The Side Sleeper Pro Air places your head, neck and spine in a natural position. The pillow’s tail supports your back and ensures the correct posture. The pillow even has a space for your ear. It allows you to tilt your head backwards, thus opening your airways and preventing snoring. As well as providing support, the special micro air bead filling has a cooling effect, which is ideal in the summer.



The tastiest sandwiches on the table in an instant!

With the Livington Copperline Flipwich sandwich maker you can put the tastiest sandwiches on the table in no time! Moreover, with this sandwich pan you can make much more than just sandwiches: make delicious paninis, sausages, meatballs, waffles and much more with this easy-to-use sandwich pan.


Bavarian Edge

For sharp and shiny knives

Whether you’re a professional chef, a hobby chef or you just cook on a daily basis for your family: sharp knives are essential in every kitchen. The Bavarian Edge knife sharpener will sharpen and polish your knives in just seconds. Your knives will be all sharp and shiny again, thanks to the Bavarian Edge knife sharpener.



Provides pleasant warmth at any location with a socket!

Compact, easy to use and very nice for the winter months: that is the Handy Heater. This wireless plug-in mini heater is easy to take with you everywhere you go thanks to its small size – no more dragging around with large, heavy heaters! You plug it into the socket and ta-da, it heats the room for you.



An air cooler, humidifier and air freshener in 1!

The Ultra Chill Deluxe Air Cooler is designed to provide cooling. It has a high-frequency ultrasonic oscillation principle with the result that a fresh and pure air is created in the room. The water is atomized into ultra-fine particles and, thanks to the evaporation technology, is spread throughout the room.
Ultra Chill Deluxe 3-in-1 also cools, moistens and / or diffuses a fragrance. You can add your favorite essential oil to the fan to give the room a pleasant scent.



Whether you’re lying down, standing, or sitting, you always have a perfect view!

With this tablet cushion from Orange Donkey, you can use your tablet, e-reader, book, smartphone, and more hands-free and comfortably. The cushion has 3 different sides so that you can always view from the perfect angle. This stand is made of foam and has a soft removable cover, so there will be no damage to your device or surface.



The revolutionary vertical mandoline

Could you use some assistance while slicing? With the Zippy Slicer, you can easily and quickly cut, grate, and shred vegetables, fruits, and cheese. Thanks to the three different included attachments, this mandoline offers four cutting options. Furthermore, this vegetable and fruit cutter is finger-safe; your hands never come into contact with the blades due to the handle. In short, the ideal aid for slicing vegetables and fruits.



100% vegan frying pan from the CeraVegan pan line

Cook vegan, sustainably and economically with Just Vegan’s natural pans. The eco frying pan has a special vegetable ceramic non-stick coating. The coating is made from a mixture of avocado oil and water and forms a natural microfilm that provides a unique non-stick effect.

Available in different sizes and designs.



Extra comfort and relief

The Konbanwa Back Support Pillow Deluxe offers your back and lower back extra comfort and relief while sitting or lying down. This pillow provides continuous support in every sleeping position and evenly distributes pressure on your back. This allows you to relax comfortably on the couch or enjoy a good night’s sleep.


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