In your busy daily life you may not always have time to move enough. The Cubii leg trainer helps you achieve your daily steps! With the Cubii leg trainer you stay fit while you sit, it takes no extra time or effort. Thanks to the whisper-quiet and compact design, you can use the device during your daily routine. Work out at your desk while working or on the couch while watching TV or reading a book. Reach your step goal, burn calories and get more energy.

Cubii JR1

An efficient solution to keep fit

Train different muscle groups: abs, buttocks, calf muscles, thighs and hamstrings and increase your heart rate. With the built-in LCD monitor you can see how many calories you have already burned, how many rotations you make per minute and how long you have been working out. The Cubii is small and portable so you can take it anywhere. Extra challenge? Try Cubii Studio+, the wellness platform with live and on-demand training classes taught by professional trainers.

Available in purple and aqua.


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