Our Konbanwa Pillow products

Get to know the best sellers of Konbanwa Pillow below. Konbanwa Pillow products have an ergonomic design to offer your body perfect support. The Konbanwa pillows each have their own unique properties to ensure a perfect night’s sleep. Thanks to the extensive range, there is always a product that suits you!

Konbanwa Pillow

Sleep on a therapeutic pillow from now on!

The Konbanwa Pillow is filled with hollow plastic tubes that move with you, providing perfect support for your head and neck in any position. The plastic tubes help to dissipate heat and moisture quickly and effectively, so that the Konbanwa Pillow stays cool and fresh while you sleep. You can adjust the hardness or softness of the pillow to your own preference, using the zip on the side.


Soft Gel Seat Cushion

Experience delightful seating comfort

Promote your optimal sitting posture with this soft gel seat cushion. This cushion provides support to your hips, legs, coccyx, and back, helping your spine return to its natural position. This promotes blood circulation, allowing you to sit for extended periods without irritation or pain.


Back Support Pillow Deluxe

Extra comfort and relief

The Konbanwa Back Support Pillow Deluxe offers your back and lower back extra comfort and relief while sitting or lying down. This pillow provides continuous support in every sleeping position and evenly distributes pressure on your back. This allows you to relax comfortably on the couch or enjoy a good night’s sleep.



Perfect support for back, hips and pelvis!

The Konbanwa Leg Pillow fits comfortably between your knees, providing the necessary support at night. The pillow ensures that you adopt a relaxed position while sleeping. It ensures optimal pressure relief and a straight alignment of the spine, hips and pelvis.



Makes any chair more comfortable

The Konbanwa Comfort 360° is a cushion on a rotating base that rotates easily, making it easy to get in and out of a car seat, office chair or a regular chair. The body-shaping technology provides ultimate comfort and support.

Can also be used without a rotating base.


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