Our Orange Care products

Get to know the bestsellers of our own beauty and skin care brand Orange Care below. The products are based on unique, natural ingredients and are composed with the greatest care.


Baba de Caracol

Snail slime for deep skin repair

Baba de Caracol Face Cream is based on a combination of the restorative substance allantoin, which is found in snail slime, and glycolic acid (hydroxy-acetic acid), which promotes natural peeling of the skin. Dead skin cells are removed carefully. At the same time, the cream ensures renewal and rejuvenation of the skin.
Also available as a Body Milk and Hand Cream.


Caviar Cream

For softer, more radiant and more resilient skin

The name says it all: the chief ingredient of this cream is a refined extract of the natural product caviar. This extract is a complete cocktail of pure and concentrated marine substances, which significantly improves the skin’s rejuvenation process. Caviar Cream revitalises the skin, combats aging and dry skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and ensures a clear complexion.


Snake Venom

Wrinklesssss disappear thanks to snake venom!

Snake Venom Face Cream and Serum are based on a polypeptide found in the venom of the temple viper snake. Clinical tests have shown that this substance reduces expression lines in the face and neck. Because your skin is given a rest, it starts to recover. The effect of Snake Venom is also reinforced by other active ingredients, such as collagen, elastin, retinol and Q10. The combination of all these ingredients produces an anti-aging effect in all skin types, but particularly in more mature skin.


Fire Balm

Provides relief and well-being

Fire Balm is a balm that contains essential oils and active ingredients, such as chrysanthemum extract, which immediately provides relief and well-being, in combination with natural active ingredients that regenerate, moisturise and condition the skin.


Contact Gel

Universal gel for conducting electricity

Orange Care Contact Gel is specially designed to apply a layer to the skin that helps it to conduct electricity. Highly suitable for use with all electrical muscle stimulation equipment.
The gel contains glycerine.



Let your muscles relax and recover faster than ever

The Muscle Massage Gun is a massage device that helps you to massage your muscles yourself and ensures optimal relaxation so that your muscles will recover faster. With the massage device you stimulate the blood circulation in your muscles and loosen your muscles. This shortens the recovery time of your muscles, resulting in less muscle pain.



Get a mini massage salon at home

The Orange Care Shiatsu Neck Massager is a massage cushion specially developed for your neck, shoulders and back. Regular massage is good for your body. It ensures that your blood circulation is promoted and that you have less pain. In addition, it relieves pressure and stress, helps against fatigue and helps you to relax. The 4 rotating massage heads and fine heat function are specially designed to give you a comfortable Shiatsu massage.



Compact massage device relieves muscle pain and reduces cellulite

The Orange Care Relax Body Massager can be used to relieve muscle pain, stimulate the breakdown of fat cells and it helps against the formation of cellulite. The massage device gives your whole body a wonderful, relaxing massage. The secret is in the rotating head which has an off-centered shaft. With a maximum of 2500 vibrations per minute, the vibrations of this massage device penetrate deep into the skin layers.



Vibrate yourself in shape!

The Orange Care Relax Body Vibration Plate gives your body an effective sports experience without you having to exert yourself a lot. In the comfort of your own home you can train your muscles, flexibility, stability and balance with this vibration plate.


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