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Get to know Orange Donkey’s bestsellers below. Our own brand Orange Donkey has an extensive line of special, innovative gadgets. As a wholesaler, we remain well informed about the latest product trends, so that we can bring new products to the market every year that are in line with these trends and respond to the needs of the consumer.


Multi-angle holder for hands-free use of various devices

This phone and tablet holder is the perfect accessory for hands-free and comfortable use of your tablet, e-reader, smartphone and more. With the stand you can use your devices both horizontally and vertically. Whether you are working, watching videos, on the phone or playing video games. The holder prevents neck, shoulder or posture pain.

Available in different colours.



Super comfortable and breathable gel slippers with a bamboo lining and anti-slip sole.

The bamboo lining and 3-layer soles of gel and memory foam keep your feet nice and warm without sweating and stinking. The slippers adapt to your feet and footsteps are cushioned. The anti-slip bottom ensures that you do not slip and you can also use the slippers outside. With these slippers you walk on clouds!

Available in several sizes.



Cut, grate and shred vegetables and fruit in no time!

With the 3-in-1 Magic Super Slicer from Orange Donkey you have the perfect multi-cutter at home to easily cut, grate and shred fruit and vegetables. Thanks to the special attachments, you can even grate and shred nuts and cheese with ease.



The cutest and coziest stuffed animal we know!

Hugs are your growing child’s greatest friends. Children often have that one hug from their first months with which they are truly inseparable.

After purchasing the Orange Donkey plush, the entire proceeds will be donated to a charity chosen by us!



These light glasses with LED lamp make brighter and magnify up to 160%!

When reading glasses are no longer sufficient, the Big Vision Glasses Deluxe helps to see everything better. These magnifying glasses magnify up to 160% and make anything too small sharp, clear and bigger. Thanks to the bright LED lamp, you also have good visibility in poor light conditions.



The ideal sprinkler set for every garden!

Thanks to the many nozzles, this garden sprinkler is perfect for flower beds, lawns, patios, courtyards and vegetable and herb gardens.
The Flexi Sprinkler can be easily mounted anywhere in the garden thanks to the ground pins. Attach the ground spike to the sprinkler, connect the water, bend the heads in the direction you want and spray! It is also a nice water toy for the kids.


HD Glasses

Sunglasses specially developed for bright sunlight

Light from the sun is often very bright but if you wear sunglasses, these can often impair your ability to see. With HD Glasses, this no longer needs to be the case! Normal sunglasses darken your vision but HD Glasses actually sharpen your vision while protecting your eyes from bright sunlight. The glasses are extremely useful and even fit over normal glasses! The sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and High Definition lens technology.


Miracle Door

Magnetic screen door that allows fresh air in while keeping insects out

Its secret is a durable nylon mesh that keeps insects out without harming the environment. Miracle Door is supplied with 18 strategically placed magnets that allow people to get in and out easily. Whether you’re coming in or going out, and even when you’re holding something, the magnetic Miracle Door automatically closes behind you, giving bothersome insects no chance to get inside.


Shoes Up

Appear to be up to 5 cm taller in seconds

With Orange Donkey Shoes Up, you can wear normal, flat-soled shoes but appear to be several centimetres taller. Shoes Up is made from a flexible gel, which is designed to absorb all the shock produced by walking. The system is strong enough to support body weight, yet comfortable enough for daily use. Shoes Up comes in a one-size-fits-all format and can be used in virtually any type of shoe.



A protective cover for your couch!

Are you tired of your couch being covered in pet fur, lint and stains? There’s an easy, quick solution now: Couch Cover! This big blanket protects your couch, like a coat, from dirt and fur. One side of the Couch Cover is beige and the other side is chocolate brown. This way you can easily switch colors!



No cords, no worries, just radiant light

With the ClickIt LED Pro, you have light wherever you need it. This energy-efficient LED lamp is rechargeable and equipped with a motion sensor, making it perfect for closets, drawers, under the stairs, and so much more. Once the sensor detects motion, it turns on, and after a few minutes, the lamp automatically switches off. Super durable and convenient!



Whether you’re lying down, standing, or sitting, you always have a perfect view!

With this tablet cushion from Orange Donkey, you can use your tablet, e-reader, book, smartphone, and more hands-free and comfortably. The cushion has 3 different sides so that you can always view from the perfect angle. This stand is made of foam and has a soft removable cover, so there will be no damage to your device or surface.



Mop without getting your hands dirty!

The microfibre mop makes mopping and wringing easy thanks to the self-cleaning mechanism in the bucket. The bucket consists of two water reservoirs; one for clean and one for dirty water. This means you will always be able to mop with clean water.



Always a clean floor

With this rotating floor mop, you can make all floors that are suitable for wet cleaning spotlessly clean again. Thanks to the swivel mechanism in the handle, the mop cloth always has the desired level of moisture, and you no longer have to touch dirty water or wring out a wet mop. Simplify your cleaning routine and bid farewell to the hassle of traditional mop methods!



Streak-free and shiny results

This window squeegee is equipped with a microfiber cloth and a squeegee, allowing you to clean windows and frames thoroughly and easily, and to streaklessly dry them with the squeegee. Additionally, the extra-long handle makes it easy to reach difficult-to-access areas. Also ideal for glass, tiles, and mirrors.



Ultra-absorbent microfiber

This innovative floor mop combines the power of microfiber technology with the convenience of a user-friendly design, making cleaning various surfaces a breeze. The microfiber mop cloth effectively captures dust, dirt, and soot, leaving your floors spotless and shiny.


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