Root Slayer

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Root Slayer Garden Shovel

Easy to use even in hard, dry ground!

The garden shovel has a specially shaped blade with ultra-sharp teeth. This makes it even easier to get through the ground and you can easily dig, saw, uproot, move and plant. The shovel is lightweight and easy to handle thanks to the 360° handle.


Root Slayer Edger

Makes gardening super easy!

This crescent-shaped garden shovel is equipped with razor-sharp knife teeth. This allows the shovel to easily slide through roots, even in hard, dry soil! You can uproot, move and replant a plant in minutes.


Root Slayer Garden Shovel Solid Version

The little brother of the Root Slayer garden shovel

The small head is ideal for precision work in, for example, flower beds and smaller spaces. The shovels are made of sturdy carbon steel and are hard-wearing, ideal if you often garden!


Root Slayer Hand sized garden shovel

The Root Slayer but in hand format

This garden shovel also has a specially shaped blade with sharp teeth, so that you have extra power to push the plant shovel deep into the soil. Gardening becomes a real pleasure!


Root Slayer Edged Shovel

A garden shovel with an extra large blade with footrests

This shovel has a wider blade than normal and a slightly more open work shape, best compared to a sand shovel from the past. This blade makes the shovel extra sturdy and you can use it for all surfaces. With the footrests you can put extra power.


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