Our Wonder Core products

See below for the bestselling products from our very own Wonder Core brand.

Wonder Core Smart

Exercise has never been so easy!

The Wondercore Smart focuses on training the upper, middle, lower and oblique abs. Great for beginners. Use the Wondercore’s resistance to spot. It feels like having a personal trainer’s hands lift you up with every rep. Train your arms, legs and core muscles and do cardio in the comfort of your own home.

Includes adjustable resistance with indicator.


Wonder Core Rock n Fit

More than 500 tensions per minute

The vibration plate is equipped with a training seat with handles and resistance bands. The vibration technology is scientifically proven and ensures that muscles are automatically tightened, fat burned and blood circulation is improved. Anyone can use the device and can choose from 5 training programs and 20 levels.


Wonder Core 2 Fitness Device

Get your entire upper body fit with this 6-in-1 fitness device

Train your abs, chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps with the same machine! You can choose the training level yourself by training with 2, 1 or no resistance springs, so you create your own ideal training.


Wonder Core EPP Peanut

Reduces complaints

The Wonder Core Peanut Massage Ball has a unique shape and is suitable for many different fitness and physiotherapy exercises. This double ball is mainly used for training and improving balance and coordination. Popular exercises with the Peanut Ball are; pec stretching, neck release and quadriceps massage.

Available in various versions.


Wonder Core Massage Roller

Increases the effectiveness of a massage

Using the Wonder Core Massage Roller improves the circulation and relaxation of the muscles. The Massage Roller is the best way to prevent injuries and you will recover faster after an injury. Popular exercises with the Massage Roller are; the it band release, the calf massage and the neck release.

Available in various colors.


Wonder Core Mini step

Improve your coordination and stamina

By getting on and off the step, you improve your condition. The anti-slip bottom and top ensures that the Mini Step remains stable. During your training you can choose from 3 height levels, the higher, the harder the training. The Wonder Core Mini Step is a great addition to your Aerobics or Zumba training.


Wonder Core Gym Ball

Ideal for aerobic exercises

The Wonder Core Gym Ball is ideal for sit-ups, back exercises and general fitness training, but also to increase the stability of your body and to perform various aerobics and physiotherapy exercises. The Gym Ball is made of an anti-burst quality for optimal safety.

Available in various versions.



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