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Snail gel

The new formula for Celltone gel has an extra high dose of snail mucus. This can reduce wrinkles, acne, scars and burns. The effect of snail

gel is natural and effective. Snails use it to repair their houses in no time, but our skin is also doing well.


Perfect eyes

Get rid of wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles around your eyes! Let your tired and weary eyes shine again with ‘My Perfect Eyes’. With this revolutionary eye gel all these signs of skin aging

are temporary and disappear within 60 seconds. This result lasts up to 8 hours. With this cosmetic ‘quick fix’ formula you look years younger and you can simply re-apply.

Body Life


The K-Fit Trainer has a solid, strong and robust design. This multi-functional home fitness trainer has seven unique functions and more than 500 training exercises in just a single innovative and space-saving fitness device. You can store it easily and even take it with you to different places, if you wish.

The K-Fit Trainer can be used in the following seven ways:

1.) Dumbbell (hand grip)
2.) Kettlebell
3.) Barbell (long handle)
4.) Ab Roller
5.) Foam Roller
6.) For strength training
7.) For stability and balance
The K-Fit Trainer Workout Guide provided explains step-by-step everything you need to do for a complete workout, or to exercise just your upper or lower body.



Jump Up is the new fitness craze

Tilburg – Jump Up is hailed as the new craze in fitness centres. It’s not so much what it does to your body,
but mainly because it’s so much fun to spend half an hour trampolining.

The 23-year-old teaching student Vicky Rousolova leaves the fitness centre looking quite sweaty but with a broad smile on her face. “I’m not really a sporty type but this is so much fun that even I can easily keep it up for half an hour. You just don’t want to stop.” And she assures us, “It’s really not difficult. You do small bounces and your whole body moves almost by itself. The trainer shows you fun exercises, there’s a good beat and the rest takes care of itself.” Jump Up is the

latest craze, following on from Zumba and Sh’bam. This time it’s not from body-conscious California or trendy Latin America, but from up and coming Asia. At least, that’s where fitness trainer Wendy van Loon, a graduate of the Tilburg sports programme, became infected with the jumping virus. “I was on holiday in a hotel in Surabaya, which held Jump Up classes on these little trampolines. Everyone joined in enthusiastically; young and old, fat and thin. The difference between this and normal aerobics is that it places very little strain on your joints.”
Jump Up’s secret is that you are constantly balancing yourself. “The stomach and back muscles are busy the whole time,” Van Loon (30) clarifies. “That’s great for your condition, you get stronger muscles from it and you automatically lose weight. The lines of your leg muscles are also improved.” Back in the Netherlands, Van Loon and her employer, the well-known Tilburg judo trainer and fitness centre owner Peter Ooms, wrote their own Jump Up programme of around 100 exercises.

They produced a set of instruction books, exercise DVDs and music. They also developed their own mini trampoline, for sale at EUR 50 each. “I’ve been in this business for 45 years. And I can assure you that this is going to be very big,” says Ooms (64). “It’s going through the roof here in my fitness centre and five colleagues called me this morning because they also want to start. As a fitness centre owner, you have to keep refreshing things constantly.” Ooms has a nose for new trends. “I’m always the first to find something new. In 1984, I brought aerobics to the Netherlands from LA and then came callanetics, which was also very big. Then there were Power Yoga and Tae Bo. I went to Tae Bo guru Billy Blanks for my own Tae Bo training. It was huge in the Netherlands. I had 1200 people a week. And three years ago Zumba became the latest hit.” He notices that trends are following each other increasingly quickly. At the end of the previous century it was every seven years, now it’s three. “People are always looking for something new. That’s what keeps my job so much fun.”



Health & Well-being

Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow have also discovered the benefits of beauty products containing synthesised snake venom: it gives the skin a youthful appearance. Snake Venom Serum from Orange Care is also known as ‘botox cream’. It actually reduces muscle contractions in the

face, making the skin look younger after just a few weeks. The synthesised snake serum contains synthesised components, which are similar to the paralysing venom of a snake. The serum also prevents the formation of new aging lines.




No more need for Photoshop now that DermaWand is here. A technique that polishes us until we look like Doutzen Kroes. At least, that’s what the packaging promises. DermaWand stimulates and massages the skin, bringing important nutrients back to the surface. At the same time, it initiates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

The result is skin that is transformed from being damaged and uneven to healthy and even. However, DermaWand is not suitable for people with a pacemaker or rosacea. A package consisting of the device, creams and a DVD costs EUR 69.95.

Diabetes & Leven


New fitness centre crazes

Fitness centres are always on the move and looking for new ways to get people interested in exercise. One way is to continually come up with new trends, especially if they are also fun. Jump Up is one such example.

Trampoline jumping in the fitness centre
An even more recent craze is Jump Up, which involves 50-minute workouts on a mini trampoline. These have slightly less bounce than the larger (garden) trampolines. Jump Up is an enormous calorie burner: you can burn off up to 900 kcal per workout! And this makes it the ideal way to maintain your weight or actually lose weight. Jump Up is suitable for everyone, because it doesn’t place much strain on the muscles and joints. It improves your stamina, balance and co-ordination. Jump Up was developed by the Tilburg fitness centre owner Peter Ooms. He saw this form of exercise in Asia and brought it to the Netherlands. “I have 75 employees and when they find a fun sporting activity abroad, they let me know. That’s how we discovered Jump Up. It came to Indonesia, via Argentina, and we brought it to the Netherlands. My philosophy is that you should learn new sports and activities close to their source. I applied this philosophy to aerobics, which I learnt from the person who invented it. It’s a question of quality. We added our own elements to the original Jump Up design. This made it our own concept. I’m expecting Jump Up to become a huge craze. It’s a relatively low investment for fitness centres, the course lasts three days and you can also do it at home.”

Different types of lesson
Jump Up uses mini trampolines, which are very different to the garden varieties. “Jump Up is done

on low trampolines that are less bouncy and stretchable,” Ooms explains. “With a normal trampoline, it’s often about gaining the most height, which can often lead to accidents. That’s not the case with Jump Up. You only bounce a few centimetres. It also doesn’t place a strain on your joints, back or feet, unlike aerobics, which is done on the hard floor. The mini trampoline is also very stable; people do all the jumping in the middle.” In principle, anyone can do it, according to Ooms. “People weighing more than 120 kg are able to do it. It’s all about balance, but the more you weight, the greater the risk of jumping incorrectly. You work on your condition at the same time, because the lessons are quite intense. People who do it without prior training build up their stamina. That’s why we provide different types of lesson. A well-trained instructor takes these things into account.”

Jump Up at home
You can also order a Jump Up package for the home, via various websites. As the editor of Diabetes & Living, I was able to test such a package. I received the mini trampoline and three workout DVDs, as well as a 21-day meal plan. If you follow the meal plan and stick to the workouts, you can lose weight. The instructions on the DVDs are clear and you do the exercises in front of the TV. It takes a while to find your balance on the trampoline, especially when you’re jumping on one leg, but fortunately there are less taxing exercises, which you

can easily master. The workouts last roughly 20 to 30 minutes and are easy to follow and combine. The jumping is not too difficult – you don’t try to bounce as high as you can but just a small distance, using your heels on the trampoline. As well as the cardio workout on the trampoline, you also do exercises for your stomach muscles on the floor. All finished off with a cooling down and you really feel like you’ve had a good workout!


Shopping with Story

Treasures from the sea for youthful skin
The new Jellyfish Venom Age Repairing Gel Cream from Orange Care is formulated with

Deep Blue Sea Complex. This is a mixture of valuable ingredients from the sea, the most active being jellyfish extract. This comes from jellyfish and improves the structure of facial skin. The extract, which is secreted naturally, is carefully collected and processed. Together with the other active ingredients, such as brown sea algae, elastin and samphire extract, the jellyfish extract reduces slackness, fine lines and the depth of wrinkles. The skin has a visible and tangible fuller and more elastic texture. And, of course, we’d all like that very much!

Luscious lips
Having lovely, voluptuous lips is at the top of

many women’s wish list. Angelina Jolie has them naturally and Kylie Jenner has started a real craze by creating them in her own way. When it comes to lip size, not everyone is equally endowed by Mother Nature. With CandyLipz Mini Lip Plumbers, you can create voluptuous lips in just two minutes, without the need for painful injections or surgery! This unique device uses a very powerful suction technology.

De Telegraaf


Aqua Vault

We are heading towards the summer holidays and this often means a trip to sunnier climes. But where do you put your valuables, such as your wallet, room key and mobile phone, when you’re relaxing on a deckchair and want to take a refreshing dip? According to Herma Goris from, the solution is the Aqua Vault. A personal safe with a combination lock, which you can attach to a deckchair, for example, but also to a pushchair, bicycle or the rim of a boat. You can then store your possessions in the safe if you want to take a swim or get something to eat.

You enter the number code you have chosen yourself and close the safe. Then it becomes very difficult to swipe. Or the thief has to take the entire deckchair or pushchair, which would surely be noticed. Although we haven’t actually been on holiday, we have tested the device. And yes, it can come in handy. The device is reasonably thief-proof, lightweight and not terribly big. While you are travelling, you can easily fill it with things like plasters, pills, make up and other items you may need at your destination. Here at home, I was able to attach it to garden chairs, a

deckchair, a bicycle, my grandson’s buggy and even to the satellite dish pole. But not to all objects, because it must have some kind of bar/rod, which goes through the Aqua Vault.

De Telegraaf


Beauty and Fitness Special

Snake venom as an alternative to botox? The Snake Venom cream from Orange Planet certainly claims to be. This anti-wrinkle cream is based on a polypeptide found in the venom of the temple viper snake. This substance reduces expression lines on the face and neck by preventing muscle contractions. Because your skin is given a rest, it starts to recover, resulting in fewer wrinkles.


Just one minute after application, muscle contractions are reduced by 36 per cent and your skin can start its big recovery. Snake Venom promises that at least half of your wrinkles will have disappeared after just 28 days. The effect of the snake venom is reinforced by well-known anti-aging ingredients, such as collagen, elastin, retinol and Q10.



Never mind all of the Tell-Sell infomercials for the ‘Abcoaster’.
Trainer Jamie Sawyer gives you the essential tools you must have,
if you want to build up a six-pack at home.

Iron Gym Workout Bar
There’s a reason why gymnasts have amazing abs. They hang around all day.

Controlling your legs using nothing more than your core strength is not easy, but it is very effective.