Orange Donkey on the move

A guaranteed party when Orange Donkey comes to visit

Orange Donkey is Orange Planet’s official mascot. He enjoys going to trade fairs and spending time with visitors at Orange Planet’s stand. But he is also a big fan of good causes and children. In his home town of Dongen, he is affectionately called Dongky.

Kika campaign

Primary school ‘De Noorderpoort’

KBS Noorderpoort has organized a campaign for the KiKa foundation. All kinds of different activities were set out to collect as much money as possible. KBS Noorderpoort has raised 4,087 euro for this charity.



This year all 11 primary schools from Dongen and ‘s Gravenmoer participated in this joint sports day. Around 1,500 students enjoyed the whole day under excellent weather conditions of sports and games.

Santa Night Run

by Nadine Broersen

This pleasing Run in Dongen is organized for the second time. Proceeds go to ‘Spieren voor Spieren’ and ‘Villa Pardoes’!


Team 86 ’t Halve Zolenlijntje

The Roparun is a relay race of more than 500 kilometres from Paris and Hamburg to Rotterdam, in which teams compete against each other to raise money for people with cancer. It is also called the adventure of a lifetime. This is also apparent in the event’s motto, which for years has been: “Add life to the days where, often, days can no longer be added to the life.”

G-Sport Weekend Tilburg

3-day sport event

The G-Sport weekend is held on the Amarant grounds in Tilburg. The Netherlands’ biggest sport event for people with and without a disability.

The G-Sport weekend also organises the Fun Experts Open Championship for Mascots in Tilburg. A unique event for all sports club, shopping centre and holiday park mascots. The mascots compete for the title ‘Best Mascot of 2019’.

G-Football DVVC

Dongense Voetbal Vereniging Concordia

People with a mental or physical disability are not confined to simply watching, but can also play themselves. An annual tournament in Dongen held at the DVVC.

Kaaienloop Foundation

De Van Mossel OPC KaaienLoop Oosterhout

Annual running event in Oosterhout that is graced by various bands in various streets, in the park and on ‘de Heuvel’.


ATV Atledo School Run

Dwars door Dongen

The aim of the Dwars door Dongen (Straight through Dongen) school run is to familiarise children aged 4 to 12 with athletics and get them exercising.



King’s Day Dongen

King’s Day is celebrated wholeheartedly in Dongen. The Orange Park Festival is held annually on the day before King’s Day and on King’s Day itself. So Dongky can celebrate close to home.


Olympia ’60


Having won the match against the Merlin students, Olympia ’60 from Dongen can now call themselves champions of the 4th-class D. Orange Donkey was happy to make use of his invitation to celebrate this.



Plutzke’s first birthday in Tilburg

My name is Plutzke and I was born on 4 March 2014 from a cabbage in the vegetable section of Plus Lutz supermarket in Tilburg. The owners, Wilfred and Mariëlle Lutz, gave me the name Plutzke. They thought is would be nice to combine the names Plus and Lutz in my name!