It’s almost World Animal Day!

On October 4th it’s animal day, but we’re already celebrating from today with special animal day deals for selected products of our range.

Everything for the biggest friend

On World animal day, extra attention is given to all animals worldwide. Pets in particular are spoiled on this day with a new toy, good food, a lovely walk or another special product. As we love animals, we have special deals from today untill the 23th of september.

Super animal deals

At Orange Planet you will find the best animal products! How about a special brush glove or washing glove to make the fur of your pet shine. You can also keep your clothes and furniture hair-free with our sofa protector and clothes brush. Does your cat loves to play? We have the perfect automatic cat toy in our range which is perfect for playfull cats.

  1. Silicone pet gloves: a glove to brush and wash your pet in one.  
  2. Pop n play: interactive cat toy with sound and unexpected movements which is the perfect toy to entertain your cat.  
  3. Couch coat: protective cover for your sofa. Ensures that the sofa remains stain and hair-free
  4. Lint remover: the self-adhesive and reusable lint remover. Washable with water.
  5. True touch: grooming glove with a silicone comb provides a radiant fur.  

Prepare your range for World Animal Day

For more information about special promotional prices and options, please contact Niels Verheijen, our Sales Manager.

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