Business Visit by Mayor and Councilor to Orange Planet

Orange Planet hosts acting Mayor Marnix Bakermans and Councilor for Economy Ankie de Hoon for a discussion on the organization, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and the Green Deal.

On October 24, we had the privilege of receiving acting Mayor Marnix Bakermans and Councilor for Economy Ankie de Hoon at Orange Planet. Marnix Bakermans was appointed as the acting Mayor of Dongen by the Commissioner of the King on September 26. After a tour of the organization, a thorough introduction took place. During the introduction, they discussed the organization’s beginnings, growth, and its current market transition. Experiences were exchanged, and opportunities were explored to strengthen each other’s ambitions. Naturally, they also discussed the CSR declaration that Orange Planet achieved in 2020 and the steps the organization has taken and plans to take in that regard.

Orange Planet collaborates closely with the municipality of Dongen to achieve a Green Deal on the industrial estate in Dongen. In September, the kick-off took place at the town hall, and on December 4, further action will be taken. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to determine the agenda, objectives, and pace of the Green Deal, with a clear form of cooperation being crucial for success. Collaboration between businesses, the government, and stakeholders is essential, and both parties hope that more entrepreneurs will step forward to join. You can contact Sabine van Dooren, the business account manager, at [email protected] for more information.