Meet Orange Planet #2 William

In our section #MeetOrangePlanet , we introduce the faces behind Orange Planet to you. William, our cooperative warehouse manager , introduces himself today.

Well William, nice of you to join today. Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

I am William van der Schans, 47 years old and I live with my wife here in Dongen. I have 4 children of my own and my wife also has 3 children of her own who live with us. So, we are a large composite family. Two of my children come every other weekend to us, so then it’s pleasantly busy.

That is pleasantly busy indeed. What are your hobbies?

My hobby was football, I played football and I also was a high level referee and linesman. But when I got into a new relationship, I made the choice to quit, because it took a lot of time every week . Every Saturday I was away and I also had to go to Zeist regularly during the week to do tests there.

Oh all the way to Zeist, for the KNVB really?

Yes, there I was tested for my fitness and I had to make game rule tests. In addition, I always had to be ready for when it was needed. That turned out to be difficult to combine with work and home.

What do you like to do now?

On Sundays I like to go to a city for a drink or something to eat with my wife and children. I also like to do a city trip.

Nice, what’s high on the list to visit ?

Well at first we had Lisbon, but for me personally, Liverpool is also high on the list.

Well and as a football fan Liverpool is of course THE city ?

Among other things. But also because Liverpool is known for a lot of famous things and yes, it is also a port city . I am a bit of the port cities.

You also just told me that you love to eat and drink, Could you tell us more?

Yes I love food, it’s delicious and it’s just fun. I don’t like to scrape and shove in. I enjoy sitting and dining at the table. Just relaxed. And in terms of food I am very easy, I just like everything. Even if I don’t know it yet, I always want to try.

How did you actually end up at Orange Planet?

Well, before I worked 27 years before at the Jumbo and I was ready for something new closer to home. This came on my way two years ago through Esther, my wife . She had seen an advertisement on the internet and had informed me that they were still looking for people for in the warehouse . So that’s how I ended up here . And yes, I like working here a lot.

What exactly is your role here ?

I was hired here as a warehouse worker , but since recently I have the function of cooperative warehouse manager.

And what are your activities?

Basically just all warehouse activities. The day before I prepare all the work for the next day. I watch what is coming in and what can happen on that day. I make sure that everything is ready and the team knows what to do. I am also the internal supervisor of all interns in the warehouse.

I also work meticulously. When I pack a order, I think about how I would like to receive my order. So not something small in a mega box with a lot of padding in it. In addition, I think it is important that the warehouse is clean and everything stands right with the label forward. This makes work better and easier and ensures that everyone can work accurately.

What makes working here just that different for you?

The fantastic atmosphere and the freedom . Also, there is a drink held regularly and we’re always in touch with colleagues. And that makes it fun. It’s not like: I must be here, it’s more that I like to be here. I just feel that everyone has a bond with each other and that only makes it more fun.

It might be a tough question, but what is your favorite product we sell here and why?

I don’t have one favorite product actually. Look at our range, it is very wide. It’s fitness . it’s kitchen, it’s for certain target groups, for example Sock Sliders for people with compression stockings, a walking stick for the elderly, it is all so wide.

But because I surely am a sporty man, I think I should choose a sporty product. That’s why I choose Men’s Health kettlebells, because they are versatile sports accessories.

Thanks for your time William! One last question : what can we wake you up for?

I’d rather just not, I always get very grumpy I hear from others. Well, maybe a city trip, but that is not possible now, so just let me sleep.