Road to Tokyo, Nadine’s home workout

This month Nadine Broersen, Olympic athlete, gives us a look duringing one of her workouts at home. She tells us how she stays fit and gives you tips and tricks to get started with a training at home. Curious what her home workout looks like? Then read on!

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We still live in the “Corona era”, which makes it sometimes difficult to exercise enough. Unfortunately, we have to stay at home a lot and exercising at the club or gym is not yet possible for everyone. Fortunately, we all try to keep moving. One by walking outside, the other with fun home workouts.

The perfect products for a home workout

Luckily, I can still train at Papendal and I am not too bothered by all the measures, at least not in the sports and work area. But I also try to exercise at home a little more often. With a number of fitness products it is easy to do a good workout without the need for a running track or a gym. With products such as a fitness ball, gym mat, resistance band and foam roller you can easily put together a fun and easy circuit. Below I explain per product what you can use it for during a workout and I share my favorite exercises.

  • Gym mat
    For most exercises it is nice to have a mat so that you do not have to lie on the hard ground. Moreover, a gym mat also gives you more grip, so that you do not slip during the exercises. Very handy!
  • Foam roller
    Before I start a workout, I often start with a foam roller. This warms up my muscles. Especially when I have some muscle pain I try to roll it out by massaging my muscles. This can also be done after a workout as a cooling down.
  • Fitness ball
    You can perform many different exercises with a fitness ball. From stability exercises to abdominal and back muscle exercises. For example, you can plank with the ball (static), but you can also lie on it for abdominal exercises. For the advanced athlete you can also assume a plank position with your legs on the ball and bring the ball towards you by bending your legs.
  • Resistance bands
    The resistance bands can also be used for different purposes. For arm exercises, for example, but also for training your glutes. By putting the band around your legs (just above the knee or on the ankles) and then stepping sideways in squat position, you train your glute well. You can also step into the resistance band with one leg and then pull it towards you with your arm. This way you train your arm muscles well.
  • Medicine ball
    In addition, the medicine ball should of course not be missing! With this ball you can think of numerous exercises. Of course you can throw or punch with it, but it is also regularly used to do abdominal exercises. For example, lie on your back with your legs off the floor at a 90 degree angle. Place the ball on your shins and try to extend and retract your legs.
  • Kettlebell
    I often use the kettlebell for the “kettlebell swings”. Then I get into a squat position and swing the kettlebell forward between my legs. However, it is important to keep good tension on the core!

Start your own home workout!

With all these products, everyone can easily do a complete workout! After a certain number of repetitions, or seconds, you can switch exercises and repeat this for 3 rounds. Moreover, it is of course also great fun to do such a circuit with the whole family, so you can still exercise together! Curious about other exercises or workouts? Then check out my Instagram or send me a message!

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