Orange Planet obtains the CSR indicator statement and celebrates with gifts!

At the end of October, Orange Planet obtained the CSR indicator. This has been celebrated in a festive manner, but Orange Planet will continue to celebrate. In the coming weeks, Orange Planet will give away 100 recycle bins for free to associations in Dongen.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) stands for doing business with profit, but taking people (society) and the environment into account. In August 2019, Ralf Witlox, director of Orange Planet, was approached by Rabobank (and Power-ED) to participate as a Pilot in a project in which SMEs were given the opportunity to obtain a CSR certificate.

“Because we think it is important to do both, social and sustainable entrepreneurship, and we have already done a lot of things in this regard, we wanted to make use of this opportunity,” says Brigitte Greeve, HR & QA Manager at Orange Planet.

Power-ED has started the CSR process within Orange Planet. After a presentation on CSR and a survey among employees, a good starting point was available. The improvement plan has been drawn up on the basis of this first measurement. For six months, a lot of hard work was done to professionalize the organization. 


Recycling is an important topic in the organization. “We are a member of Wecycle, and we collect electrical products for recycling. We also reuse pallets from suppliers and shred used boxes as “in box” filling material. We also separate plastic, paper, electrical appliances, tempex, batteries, wood, iron and residual waste in special recycle bins that are now also included in our own range ”.

Give away promotion

To celebrate that Orange Planet has achieved the CSR statement, they are giving away 100 recycle bins to local associations this month. “We believe that everyone should be able to contribute to the environment,” says Ralf Witlox. Dongen associations, schools and charities can register at Orange Planet with a good motivation about what they want to recycle and why. The winners will be selected from all applications.

You can register until December 14 via our contact form. The winners will be personally notified in December.