Recycle bins for clubs and associations

We have recently proudly delighted several schools and associations in the Dongen area with recycling bins. As a company, we aim not only to achieve our business goals but also to work towards our goals of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In doing so, we are creating a better future for the youth and promoting environmental awareness.

Recycling Bins

In the past months, we have worked with great enthusiasm with various schools and associations in the Dongen region. We have placed recycling bins at the following places: football clubs V.V. Olympia ’60 and DVVC, hockey club MHC Liberty, Scouting Rijen and Stormvogels, primary schools J.J. Anspach and Biezenkring, and childcare center De Tovertuin. Additionally, the football club V.V. ONI has recently joined us. We have provided recycling bins to support these organizations in waste separation and encourage a sustainable lifestyle.


At Orange Planet, we are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2020, we received our first CSR certificate. We are also proud to announce that in 2023, we have been recertified, receiving this important certificate for the second time. Our CSR efforts are broad and diverse, and the ‘giveaway’ of recycling bins is just one example of our CSR initiative.

A Bright Future for the Youth

By providing recycling bins to schools, clubs, and scouting groups, we hope to inspire young people to be more conscious of waste and contribute to a cleaner environment. We believe that such educational projects encourage young individuals to strive for a greener and more sustainable future. With Plafor’s sorting stickers, waste separation becomes easier, with stickers for deposits, plastic, metal, paper, and more. This enables everyone, both young and old, to easily sort their waste. Are you or do you know a school, association, or club in the Dongen region interested in receiving a free recycling bin? Please get in touch with us! If you also want to recycle at home, you can find Plafor’s range of products in our online store.