Space Buddy Put to the Test

We all know it, no more space in your suitcase, overflowing closets, or cramming the attic with seasonal items as soon as summer or winter arrives. With Space Buddy, this is a thing of the past because it is the solution to your space shortage. Curious about how it works?

About Space Buddy

Space Buddy offers an extensive range of vacuum storage bags, in which you can store clothes, bedding, stuffed animals, and much more. With the vacuum bags, you can save up to 3 times more space and maximize your storage space. The bags protect your items from dust, moisture, and unpleasant odors. Furthermore, you can organize your items neatly because the bags are transparent. Using Space Buddy is easy: put your items in the bag and close it with the zipper. Use the vacuum cleaner nozzle to vacuum the air, and that’s it! No vacuum cleaner on hand? Then use the bags from the Space Buddy travel set; by rolling up the bag and squeezing out the air, you achieve the same result.

Why Space Buddy?

Vacuum storage bags are not a new concept on the market. What sets Space Buddy apart is one of the most crucial components of a vacuum bag: the zipper. Space Buddy’s storage bags use a special zipper and a unique valve. While with other vacuum bags, holes can easily form, the valve quickly becomes loose, or zippers do not stay closed properly, you don’t have to worry about this with Space Buddy. The bags are made of sturdy plastic, so you can reuse them. The bags also stay securely vacuum-sealed, and you don’t have to worry that some air or moisture might get in. These are a few reasons why Space Buddy is the best choice!

Space Buddy reviewed and tested

To put Space Buddy to the test, we asked several bloggers to try it out. As you can read in their blogs, we received nothing but positive feedback. They mentioned that the bags are ideal for vacation, that there is a clear instruction on the packaging, and that bags in different sizes are available, ensuring you always have a suitable bag. But most importantly, the test showed that the vacuum bags work, are sturdy enough to reuse, and are quick and easy to use. Thanks to the valuable insights from the bloggers, we can proudly say that Space Buddy meets all expectations!

Thanks to all the involved bloggers for their honest and enthusiastic reviews: Claire, Eddy & Sonja, Constance, Julia, Marieke, Anja, Nadia, Miranda, Linda and Kirsten!

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