Spring cleaning time, prepare yourself

Spring cleaning, our best-selling tips

Slowly the days become longer and the weather keeps on getting better. For many people this is the perfect time to prepare the house for the nice weather ahead with spring cleaning their whole house.

Spring cleaning becomes easier

Traditionally, spring was the best time for freshening up the entire house. In other words, the winter was polished away, and the freshness of spring was allowed to come into the house. Therefore, usually the carpet beater, mop and feather duster were used to clean the house thoroughly. Fortunately, nowadays there are many useful products on the market that make cleaning easier and more fun. For example, electrical appliances such as a dishwasher and vacuum cleaner, but also special dust appliances and wipes.

Is your assortment ready?

With the arrival of spring we wonder if your assortment is well prepared for spring cleaning? Because we like to think along, we will share our best-selling tips with you.

Bestsellers household:

  • Fresh Air Ball: the trend of the moment creates a wonderful scent throughout your whole house. It is an aroma diffuser, air cleaner and humidifier in one. Say goodbye to bad smells and hello to a fresh house.
  • Turbo Scrub Basic: this handy cleaning brush with rotating head does all the cleaning work for you. Even the trickiest and most annoying places are nice and clean again.
  • Soap Dispensing Brush and Sponge: super easy to use. With these dishwashing bruches with a brush or sponge head and refillable soap reservoir, you will never have to wash off with dirty water aigain. You can use the detergent directly on the surface that need to be cleaned.

Prepare yourself for spring cleaning time

Now you can purchase our bestsellers as a special spring cleaning offer. For the special promotional prices and options, contact Niels Verheijen, salesmanager.

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