Summer is coming

If we are to believe the temperatures of the past weeks, it promises to be the hottest summer ever. Keep your cool and prepare for summer.

Keep your cool this summer

In summer, people are often looking for some coolness. During the day we enjoy hanging out at the pool or at the beach, but once at home it is more difficult to cool down. Fortunately, there are many products on the market that make the warm weather more pleasant.

Is your assortment ready?

With the arrival of summer we wonder if your assortment is well prepared for the hot summer days? We like to think along, so that is why we share our best-selling tips with you.

Bestsellers summer:

  • Flexi Wonder Pro: It is one of the smartest water hoses on the market! Flexible and elastic, very resistant, impenetrable, does not lose pressure and never wastes water again.
  • Zaahn Ultra Chill Deluxe: an air cooler, humidifier and air freshener in one. Specially designed to provide cooling.
  • Calming Comfort Therma Comfort Neck wrap: a weighted and cooling neck pillow. Leave it in the fridge or freezer for up to two hours to use it nice and cool.
  • HD Glasses: dit is een zonnebril speciaal ontwikkelt voor fel zonlicht. Verscherpt het zicht en verminderd schittering van de zon.
  • Clix Sunglasses: foldable sunglasses that you can “click” on your face or body, so the glasses never slip off. Available in different colors.

Prepare yourself for the summer heat

Now you can purchase our bestsellers as special summer deals. For the special promotional prices and options, contact Niels Verheijen, sales manager.

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