The first reusable and sustainable face mask on the Dutch market!

Koziol >> HI Community Mask

The corona lock-down is slowly easing, yet the world seems to be changing in a society where wearing a mouth mask will become normal. It even will be mandatory in some places. Unfortunately, disposable masks create a lot of waste. In addition, fabric masks are also protective for only four hours. This means that they actually need to be replaces after those 4 hours. For these reasons, the durable, comfortable and reusable masks from Koziol are the solution for young and old!

Koziol >> HI Community Mask2

Community mask

The Koziol >> HI Community Mask is a light and comfortable face mask made of recycled plastic. It is comfortable to wear when you are on the road, working, shopping or going outside. By wearing this durable mask you’ll show your social responsibility and protect your environment and yourself. The mask reduces the dispersion of particles and reduces infection for others and – at the same time – protects the wearer against careless touching their face and thus against self-infection. As an alternative to disposable masks, these masks – which effectively cover the nose and mouth – have been designed taking into account all the criteria for the correct use of such face protection. Thanks to the special design and choice of materials, the mask does not get in the way of the demand for medical masks.

Koziol >> HI Community Mask3

Eco-friendly and reusable face mask 

The face masks are very easy to use. Thanks to Thermoplastic elastomer – a flexible kind of plastic material – and the included elastic and adjustable strap, the mask can be adjusted to any face size and worn comfortably. In addition, the masks offer the possibility to replace the filter after use. Large oval-shaped cotton pads – available at any supermarket or drugstore – can be used as a filter. In addition, the masks are easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher according to the applicable health advice, they can also be sterilized at 100 degrees and they dry very quickly.

Koziol >> HI Community Mask4

Made in Germany

At the beginning of this year, the German brand Koziol attracted attention at various fairs because of its new collections made from recycled plastic. The new material, developed by the internal laboratory, has been used to create high-quality masks that can be easily used in everyday life. Koziol, founded in 1927, is a family business that has won several design awards since its foundation and makes interior products with an original design.

Koziol Hi Community mask, a summary:

  • Made from recyclable materials,
  • Reusable and easy to clean,
  • Made in Germany,

Distribution, more information & sales price:  

Koziol >> HI Community Mask is brought to the Dutch market by Orange Planet B.V. from Dongen. This product is available in different colors, black, blue, gray and pink, and is available through various online outlets such as, and soon

Consumer selling price

Koziol >> HI Community Mask € 29.95 / mask and 1 filter.