‘The Root Killer’ Our Best Bol. Reviews

As online shoppers, we all know how valuable it is to read product reviews before making a purchase, especially for seen on TV products. The biggest question is often, does the product actually work? In this blog, we’ve focused on our satisfied customers who left the most striking and enjoyable reviews. Curious about what they had to say?

The Root Killer

The Root Slayer has become a beloved item in our range. We’ve received reviews from customers who were surprised and impressed by the product.

Impressive appearance…

‘I am very impressed… what a classy thing! (…) A 10 with honors… Hats off to this store….’ Root Slayer Original

Not only were customers impressed, but a new name has even been coined for the Root Slayer.

The Root Killer

‘Never had such a spade in my hand. Really amazing, I couldn’t get into the hard ground with roots before, but now I can. And I have real chicken power, so it was almost a miracle for me that I can do it now!’ Root Slayer Solid

Fitness Items

Our fitness products are also well-received. The products are beginner-friendly, easy to install, and many customers appreciate the free instructions with example exercises.

Easy & Convenient

‘I got the item the next day, excellently packaged. Do I regret the purchase, you might be thinking… NO!! I have no regrets buying this item! It’s very easy to assemble, use, and store, and let’s be honest, the price is also excellent! The product is worth more than the price I paid!’ Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar

Not only people appreciate our products, but animals are also very enthusiastic!


‘I bought the pads for my horses. When they stand on them, they become completely zen!’ Orange Gym Balance Pad

Recommended by Friends

Our range is full of handy gadgets and household items. The phrase ‘I should have bought this earlier’ often appeared in the reviews.

Should have bought much earlier!

‘Yeah, what can I say…? It works, and you definitely notice a difference! Should have bought it earlier.’ Squat-n Go

When you find such a useful item, you naturally want to tell friends and family.


‘What a wonderful product! I have it on a table next to my bed. Different viewing angles possible. Also when I’m sitting on the couch, it sits on my lap. Very suitable for a tablet, phone, or a book. Recommended to two of my friends who also bought it. Nice color, turquoise… super happy with it!!’ Orange Donkey Tablet Pillow

Provides Relief

Lastly, we’ve received reviews expressing that our products provide relief. The Circulation Maxx Reflexology offers relief to the legs, ankles, and feet.

Great product

‘Nice device! After years of walking around with ‘heavy’ legs, this device brings enormous relief. The massage pads are also nice to use. 99 different settings. I highly recommend this product!’ Circulation Maxx Reflexology

But also, the Konbanwa pillow cushions provide relief, especially for the shoulders and neck.

Great pillow

‘Due to neck and shoulder complaints, I quickly experience pain after sleeping on the wrong pillow. FINALLY, a pillow where I have enough support while sleeping. The pillow was initially too thick for me, but you can remove filling until it lies comfortably. I keep the remaining filling for when the pillow becomes less firm with age. Very happy with the purchase, finally slept well again, and that for that price. Love it!!!’ Konbanwa Pillow

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