What does that green QR code on the packaging mean?

Have you noticed the green QR code on our packaging? You’ll start seeing this code on more and more packages as the presence of physical manuals gradually diminishes. Curious why?

How does it work?

You may have already noticed that green QR code on our packaging. But what does it actually mean? By scanning the green QR code, you gain access to the manuals for our products in various languages. After obtaining our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) declaration in 2020, we decided to print fewer physical manuals and instead offer a more flexible and sustainable solution.

Benefits of the green QR code

The green QR code comes with several advantages.

  1. Accessibility in multiple languages: The QR code provides access to manuals in different languages, making our products accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, we have the ability to easily add new languages, allowing customers worldwide to better understand our products.
  2. Cost savings for customers: By printing fewer physical manuals, we can save on packaging costs. This, in turn, allows us to keep costs low for our customers.
  3. Sustainability: Reducing paper waste contributes to our commitment to sustainability. Opting for digital manuals via the QR code helps minimize our environmental impact.
  4. Physical copies for those who prefer: We understand that not everyone wants to go fully digital. Some of our products are suitable for a generation that did not grow up with computers. Therefore, we still offer the option to request physical manuals for those who prefer them.