We are proud of our business relationships

Being loyal to your suppliers and clients creates a close bond. A bond in which doing business together comes first. This results in a top-quality product and service.

Orange Planet makes choices for the long term, in which the brand, product and people are always central. We are not prepared to compromise on this. We would like to introduce you to some of our business relations:


Leon van Holland

Wehkamp was founded in 1952 by Herman Wehkamp as “Wehkamp’s Factory Office”. The first items offered were mattresses and other bedding. These were ordered by post in response to advertisements in radio guides and women’s magazines. Wehkamp worked from a warehouse in Slagharen and later in Dedemsvaart, Maurik and Zwolle. The head office has been in Zwolle since 1975 and its own website was started in 1996.

Wehkamp has been part of Apax Partners since 2015 and has 2.5 million active customers. Every year, Wehkamp is in the Twinkle Top 10, as one of the largest online stores in the Netherlands. The wide range consists of approximately 300,000 items and includes approximately 2,500 brands, mainly in the fashion, home, beauty and baby/child categories. Moreover, Wehkamp has been an Orange Planet customer since 2006.

Leon van Holland: “We are pleased that we can connect Orange Planet as one of the first to the Wehkamp platform. With their brands they bring unique products to our platform. In addition, Orange Planet has its own quality and service department, so we know for sure that our customer receives the same service as with a direct order.”

Ralf Witlox: “Wehkamp has been a customer of Orange Planet since day 1, we delivered the first Konbanwa Pillow pillows from the shed. We subsequently had great successes with articles that were on TV daily, such as the Leg Magic, Magic Bullet, Nicer Dicer, H2O mop, Abtronic and Tobi platinum.”

Niels Verheijen: “In recent years we have had a number of successful fitness items such as Wonder Core Smart, Vibroshaper and Rock Gym. We are pleased to be able to start on the Wehkamp platform, now that they are opening it up to partners, and to expand our offering on Wehkamp.”


Stephanie Desmet was founded in 1948 as a family business in Sint-Niklaas, where the offices and warehouses are still located today. In 1988, the mail order company entered a new phase and Unigro was included in the group 3 Suisses International. In this way, the leading position on the Belgian mail order market can be maintained. Since 2014, Unigro has been part of the Otto Group, a globally active retail group. The Belgian mail order company with online store mainly sells furniture, electrical equipment, hi-fi, home linen, body care, leisure products and garden items in Belgium and Luxembourg and has been an Orange Planet customer since 2006.

Stephanie Desmet: “Orange Planet is one of our highly valued relationships. The range they offer is innovative and fits well with the wishes of our target group. I think the B2B portal is super handy to work with. In addition, communication is pleasant and good, agreements are always adhered to and action can be taken quickly. We hope that we can continue this collaboration for years to come.”

Ralf Witlox: “Unigro has been our most important access to the Belgian market for many years. We run many successful campaigns and have done so in the past with Artichoke Shots, Ab Rocket, Circulation Maxx and Miracle Socks. We experience the many years of cooperation with the Unigro purchasing team as very pleasant and amicable. We are therefore convinced that the collaboration over the next 15 years will be just as good as the first 15 years.”


Chris Donkers

Started out as a company that specialises in mascots, but has grown to become much more than that. Fun Experts developed the Orange Donkey mascot for Orange Planet.

“What began with the purchase of an Orange Donkey mascot costume, slowly transformed into a full-blown collaboration, in which Orange Planet does promotions with the mascot or supports good causes,” Donkers explains. “On the other hand, Orange Donkey is also a calling card for us, showing how a mascot can be put to use effectively. The collaboration has resulted in a win-win situation that serves to promote both companies. And perhaps more importantly, good causes are supported by the Orange Donkey concept!”