Collaboration Samen Top and Orange Planet

At the beginning of this year we entered into a partnership with the Samen Top Foundation, which means we have five top people on the work floor every Tuesday to give us a helping hand.

During our CSR process, it emerged that our colleagues wanted to open our company to people with disabilities or who are at a distance from the labor market. This has also become one of the goals within Orange Planet, which is why we enthusiastically entered into a partnership with the Samen Top foundation.

About Samen Top

The Samen Top organization has been committed to helping people with disabilities or distance from the labor market participate in society for more than 5 years. They do this by creating safe learning and working experiences within regular companies. This gives a new meaning to the term ‘daytime activities’.

Together Top and Orange Planet

They are back every Tuesday, our top performers. Since February we have had extra help in the warehouse in the morning from the five toppers: Tim, Rachelle, Thomas, Jens and Tijn. We are very happy with that. The work varies from packing packages, loading and unloading, to stickers and repackaging of products and much more! In the afternoon we make our building available for training. We hope to continue this great collaboration for a long time to come, because we can’t do it without these great guys!