Road to Tokyo, time to shine!

The Olympics are now really in full swing and this week Nadine will be in action on August 4 and 5! We spoke to her briefly before she leaves for the Olympic village in Tokyo.  

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Hi, Nadine here with an update from Chiba, Japan!

I got through the last week in Dongen very well. I trained a lot and besides the training sessions I was still quite busy with the final preparations for the Olympic Games and the departure to Japan. For example, I had a press day, I had to do a PCR test every day and of course I packed my bags.

Training for the all-around with Wonder Core accessories

During the training sessions I was able to use a number of Wonder Core products. Either for specific workouts or during the warm-up. For example, I almost always use the ‘ bands ‘ in my warm-up to put more tension on my muscles. That is great for hurdle or sprint training, for example. In addition, I use the mat for all ‘floor’ exercises, abdominal exercises and stretching exercises.

I use the aerobic step in strength training for the step-up exercises. I use this specifically for the jumping parts so that I can also do specific exercises to train the ‘take off’.

The medicine ball is useful for many general but also specific exercises. Sometimes just for specific punches such as the shot put, but also for all kinds of other throwing exercises. You can actually use the medicine ball for anything, multifunctional! 😉

Hello Japan!

And then it was time! On Tuesday 20 July I flew to Japan. A long journey, but luckily everything went well. No positive Corona tests and so I was allowed to go straight to the hotel.

I am currently in Chiba, an hour from Tokyo. Here is the Pre Camp and I finish my last training sessions before my race starts.

I would have liked to go to the opening ceremony, but unfortunately that was not a good plan due to the infections in the Olympic village. The athletics union doesn’t want to take any risks, and neither do I! Very sorry…

We are quite cut off from the world here and have to enjoy ourselves with training and playing games. Sometimes a bit boring, but nice not to be in the ‘busyness’ of the Olympic village yet.

I am very proud that I can now go to my 3rd Olympic Games! I am very curious what it will be like in the Olympic village! Normally it’s a big happening, but now with Corona everything is different of course. Fortunately I have already been able to experience two Olympic editions, but this time too it will be a special experience. On 1 August I leave for Tokyo, and on 4 & 5 August I can start!

Nadine, we wish you the best of luck! Go get it topper!

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