Training for Success! A week at training camp with Nadine Broersen

Only a few weeks before the Summer Olympics in Tokyo begin. To be well prepared for the start, Nadine went to a training camp in Turkey with Team NL. Are you curious about what a training camp looks like for an athlete? Then you’re in luck, because Nadine is taking us with her during one of her training weeks in Turkey.

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Training camp in Turkey with Team NL

Normally I train 3 times a week at Papendal, the national training center in Arnhem, and the rest of the week in Dongen or Breda. But last month I went to a training camp in Turkey. Because of Covid-19 we have to stay in a bubble as much as possible, but of course I am very happy that we get the chance to train in warmer weather. It is not super hot, but with the sun and about 19 to 20 degrees it is very nice to train.

We are in a resort with the Dutch Team so that we are reasonably well in a bubble and we do not have to leave the hotel, except for the training of course. The food is very good and there is always a good place to read a book or study.

The first week of training here in Turkey is already over. The first days it always takes some getting used to the environment, the hotel and the track. But I had a good first week and I am very satisfied with my training. Hopefully the coming days will be good and I can make steps forward!

Daily activities during a training camp

In the morning I get up quietly, take a shower, put on some make-up and walk to breakfast. The choice is huge at breakfast, but I usually stick to a bowl of yogurt with muesli and some fruit. And, two cups of coffee can not be missed! Then back to the room to prepare my bag for training. We are then taken to the track every day by van.

After the morning training we have lunch in the hotel again. There is so much choice! But in the afternoon I generally try to have a well-filled salad. The wraps are also very good, so sometimes I go for that in stead. I take a bowl of fruit and nuts with me from lunch, so that I can snack something before my afternoon training.

After the afternoon workout, I usually take a shower first and then go to the restaurant to eat. Often I have a nice piece of meat or fish grilled and I eat some vegetables and potatoes or pasta with it. The food is very good, so every night it’s a treat!

As standard after dinner I drink a nice cappuccino, and study or play a game. After that I go to bed.

My training week schedule


  • Morning: Hurdles & Shot Put
  • Afternoon: Strength training

I always start the week on Monday morning with a hurdle and bullet training. Today it is a bit busier on the track, but fortunately there is still room to put down the hurdles. After an extensive warm-up with the group – I train with the pole vaulters – I start with the hurdles training. Today there are some measurements planned, so the biomechanist films everything and, for example, looks at the ‘touch down’ times between the hurdles. Very interesting! The training is going well, but with one last run I still hit a hurdle. A bit of a shock, but fortunately nothing serious!

After the hurdle training I go on to bullet training. First I push a few bullets head-on, then a few out of position with elastic, to get a kind of ‘counter pressure’. Then I go on to a whole thrill, which is what I also do during the races. With this glide technique you stand with your back to the throwing sector at the back of the thrust ring. You then bend over strongly, and then push the ball back into the sector with a sliding pivot, in which you also stretch yourself. The last weeks bullet didn’t quite work out, but today I have a top workout! In the beginning of the training it is not quite the way I want, but at the end it feels good and I also hit good distances. Very happy that I was able to take this step again!

After the training I cool my knee with ice because it has become a bit thicker in the meantime. Hopefully it doesn’t get too stiff.

In the afternoon we leave for the track to do strength in the force room. We do a warm-up with the barbell and then we start with the main exercises such as front strikes and squats. The lead is very easy and I feel that the serious weights are coming. Today I was able to deliver 95kg! Because I also have to throw tomorrow, I don’t do too many arm exercises. Tired but satisfied we go back to the hotel.


  • Morning: High jump & Javelin
  • Afternoon: Rest

This morning I got up with quite some muscle pain and my knee is a bit stiff from the hurdle yesterday, but it is certainly not disappointing. Fortunately! Today, high jump and javelin throw are on the program, two technical parts that require some focus.

The biomechanist also watches during the high jump and javelin throwing. The high jump is going well as ever! I start the training with some relaxed jumps and I quickly feel that it is easy. The bar keeps getting a little higher and in the end I easily jump over 1.80m twice out of a dribble-3 pass. It has been a long time since I jumped this height from such a short run, so I am happy!

The javelin throwing is also going well and I am throwing well. We’re not working on my race run yet, but technically things are starting to fall into place. All in all very happy with this training day!

Tuesday is always quite a tough day, all the better that I have the afternoon off! Time for study, some relaxation and of course a few cappuccinos ;-).


  • Morning: Tempos
  • Afternoon: Strength training

For me, Wednesday is mainly a ‘do’ day. Tempos and strength, don’t think too much about technique, but above all do and finish the program. That is nice, because Mondays and Tuesdays are always a bit choppy. After the warm-up with the pole vault group, I do some more gears myself and put on my spikes to start running.

The program for today is 5x300m. The first I run quite too fast, so I got sour quite quickly. But even though the runs are getting harder, I am running the good times and am very satisfied. A moment to recover and then on to strength training.

I notice that I am quite tired and I have a little more trouble than usual to focus. But even when I am tired, I often prove that I am good. The overhead squats and snatching are very good and easy. Then a step-up exercise, arm exercises and a balance exercise with a balance ball. Then there is strength again, I am exhausted. Yes, tomorrow a rest day!


  • Active recovery

Today we have a rest day, wonderful! Today is all about relaxation and study. But usually I do some kind of exercise, such as walking, cycling, or abs. Just to keep some tension on the body. I have some muscle pain and I am quite tired, so this rest day is more than welcome!


  • Morning: Long jump
  • Afternoon: Strength training

After a rest day I always have to get “back into it”. A good extensive warm-up helps with this. I’m also glad that I don’t have too much muscle pain from the beginning of the week. So I can do it again this Friday with reasonably fresh legs!

Normally I combine the long jump training at home with some sprints. But now that we are at training camp, we prefer to split this up and we only do long distance training on Friday and the sprint training on Saturday. Very nice, because then we can pay a little more attention to the long jump. Today too much is measured and tested. Long jump has not been as good in recent weeks. That’s why I want to jump more on my gut just for today to see what the measurements say. Normally I think too much and it doesn’t work well, but today jumping on feeling is a great success! The run-up and take-off are starting to go well again and the measurements are also positive. Very nice, this gives me confidence!

The strength training is also going well. Very happy with this good training day!


  • Morning: Sprint

Ah, what a muscle ache! Yesterday’s long jump training was good, but it really hit the mark!

Nevertheless, the technique feels fine and the accelerations are good. The intention is to run a 200m three times with ‘intermediate assignments’, a number of times to start and roll out.

I notice that the tank is empty quickly and instead of 3 runs, we do 2. Sometimes I can be really disappointed if I don’t finish the entire program, but it is also good to adjust where necessary.

All in all it was a very good week. I always hope for this, but that cannot be taken for granted. I cherish these days very much and try to enjoy them as much as possible! Now time for a rest day.


  • Rest

I had a great night’s sleep! I got up with some muscle pain, but that is not so bad on a rest day. At breakfast I enjoy a few pancakes with fruit and then I go to the physiotherapist. Of course I go to the physiotherapist if I suffer from something, but in this case it is good to be seen once every week to prevent injuries. Just a small check to see how the body is doing.

At the end of the morning I sit on the beach with a book and in the afternoon I go back to the hotel with the study books and laptop. In the evening there is a game played and then it is time to go to sleep again. Tomorrow is a new day and the start of a new training week! Hopefully just as good as last week 😉

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