Meet Orange Planet #5 Brigitte

In our Meet Orange Planet section, we introduce you to the faces behind Orange Planet. Today we get to know the sociable and Yoga enthusiast Brigitte, HR & QA manager!

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How nice of you to join Meet the team, Brigitte! Tell us a little more about yourself.

Well, I’m Brigitte Greeve, I’m 43 years old and I’ve been living with Ralf, the CEO of Orange Planet for over 18 years. We live in Dongen and have a 13-year-old son, Owen, and an 8-year-old daughter, Lynn.

Besides work, I am often busy with the organization at home and I do yoga for the necessary relaxation. I also regularly watch a Netflix series in the evening, I like a nice conversation and I like to read a good book – now and then. But the latter doesn’t happen very often. Furthermore, I think spending time with family and friends is important and I like to do fun things with the children, have a nice drink with friends and have lunch with friends or go shopping.

That sounds fun, and you do yoga!

Yes, I am not a big fan of intensive sports because I have to pay a lot of attention to my balance during activities because of my fibromyalgia. Yoga is perfect for this. Since my muscles are often extra tense, yoga gives me a moment to relax and stay a little flexible.

Yoga seems to be good for both body and soul, do you experience that too?

Hell yes. In principle I went to yoga 1 x a week, but due to the corona time and long-term covid complaints, this has shifted more to “home yoga” in the past year. Now that I’m completely better, I’m definitely going to take this up again externally. I notice that it really helps me to relax my body in busy times.

Do you do other things to relax?

I try to get on the bike as much as possible and I walk regularly, I also really like the “experience the seasons”. Okay, except in the winter because I’m feeling cold easily. Fortunately, we live close to a rural area, so I can walk straight into nature.

And you also like to have fun around you.

Yes, for example a drink or dinner with family and friends. I like a good conversation and enjoy being with a small group of people. At home or with friends, have dinner together, have snacks and a nice drink.

Sounds good! And what did you do for education?

Human Resources Management and Total Quality Management. So that’s totally in line with what I’m doing here.

What were you doing before you came to Orange Planet?

I have previously worked in various types of companies as a Personnel Officer and/or Quality Manager. My last position as Staff Officer P&O was in healthcare. However, working in healthcare suited me less than in business. That’s where I stopped and that was the moment when Ralf and I decided to build a new building here. I then started coordinating the construction here, that was my job. Then I went on to do other projects, some marketing, some product adjustments, sending out press releases, basically everything. But not with the idea of ​​staying here very long. More as a bridge, to be able to quietly look at what I wanted to do. I was flexible and since Owen was still little at the time, that was ideal.

We then started with 1 staff member and in the end I was completely involved and we grew enormously as an organization. If you grow as a company, you will also be seen as full and there will also be more demands from the market. You will also have to arrange things in terms of personnel, so in the end I’m still there. Ralf and I have developed this company more and more together.

Then your position has actually grown over the years into what it is today.

That’s right. My work has actually returned to my field of expertise, which is very nice! It is very special that I can do both within the company.

That is very special indeed. You briefly mentioned your position within Orange Planet, but explain it to us well.

On the one hand I am responsible for Personnel and Organisation. In addition, I work on compliance of products in the field of European legislation. I maintain a lot of contact with product suppliers worldwide about this and guide our graphic designer in the adjustments of product packaging, manuals, etc. to ensure that the entire product complies with European legislation.

And I have been a project leader for corporate social responsibility (CSR) for a year, which I enjoy doing and for which we have also been formally rewarded with a CSR statement.

A very comprehensive function! And was it a challenge to obtain the CSR statement?

Yes, we did have to take a number of steps internally for this. I am very happy that we were able to do that. And of course I am very proud!

What makes working here just that little bit different

Well, of course I am very close to Ralf, as a colleague, but also as my husband.

Don’t you find that difficult sometimes?

No, we don’t want to be a typical family business. We want to separate business and private at the office as much as possible. And I think this works pretty well. For example, an intern only found out after 10 weeks that Ralf and I are also private partners haha. Sure, we sometimes have disagreements, but we always manage to work it out together. After 10 years of working together, we are still together.

How come you can work so well together?

I think it’s because we complement each other well on a business level. Ralf is the real entrepreneur, innovative, fast and often 3 steps ahead in his thinking than others. I, on the other hand, am more structured, people-oriented, go for clear communication, formulate policy and ensure follow-up. A good combo I think.

A very nice combination! What has ensured that you have enjoyed working here for the past 10 years?

Because I am still challenged in my field. Although it is a small company, there is always a lot going on. In addition, I can still develop. Over the years, many different legislations and different product groups have passed by, which change again at a rapid pace. I also like to dig into that and find out how we can do this well. Yes, I will continue to develop myself in that too. If I stood still, I wouldn’t be here anymore. I am still looking for the development in myself.

Don’t you find it difficult that we have a wide range?

Well that’s a challenge. Continuous change is part of what we do and I have to go along with that. Sometimes it happens that there are 50 new products in a quarter. Yes, that’s a lot. There is a difference per product that needs to be looked at, but you have to go through and check them all. Fortunately, the variety keeps it fun!

Well as we just said, we have a wide range. If you could now highlight one product, which product would it be?

Then I choose the Derma Wand (PRO). This is one of our longest running and best selling products in our range. With this product you get a beauty salon at your home and it reduces crow’s feet, fine wrinkles and imperfections.

Did you have to do a lot of research for that?

No, this supplier had all quality tests in order. And I can say that this is a good product. Soon I plan to buy it myself because over the years the wrinkles start to appear haha.

Well Brigitte, thank you for letting us get to know you better today! One last question, what can we wake you up for?

You can always wake me up for some Dragon Rolls, or Sushi in general. Delicious!

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