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Recycle bins for clubs and associations

We have recently proudly delighted several schools and associations in the Dongen area with recycling bins. As a company, we aim not only to achieve our business goals but also to work towards our goals of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In doing so, we are creating a better future for the youth and promoting…

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Collaboration Samen Top and Orange Planet

At the beginning of this year we entered into a partnership with the Samen Top Foundation, which means we have five top people on the work floor every Tuesday to give us a helping hand. During our CSR process, it emerged that our colleagues wanted to open our company to people with disabilities or…

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Successful CSR statement re-inspection Orange Planet!

We received the CSR statement for the second time from Larissa van der Meer & Erik van den Oord of Power-ED. We as a team are very proud of this! In October 2020, we received the CSR statement for the first time. After a presentation about CSR and a survey among employees, a nice baseline measurement was…

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Aluminium Verkoop Zuid of Best start to seperate waste at it’s locations

Aluminium Verkoop Zuid (AVZ) from Best will also separate waste at its locations with the ALDA recycle waste bins from Orange Planet. AVZ is one of the largest suppliers of profiles and parts for aluminum applications in the Benelux. As a stock-keeping wholesaler, they have 97 employees and are active in more than 34…

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